Personifwy launches HYRGPT -
Generative AI solution for Recruitment

Creating a happier workplace is what we do.


Employee experience can provide great competitive advantage, if you have a way to Engage, Enable and Personalize the interaction for every employee. We are obsessively passionate about it, and we aim at helping leaders achieve it.

We put our faith in culture-driven innovation. It embodies who we are, what we stand for and what we believe in. We believe that a happy workplace leads to a constructive future of an organization. Every day at Personifwy, we deliver this promise by aiming at improving the work lives of our clients, their employees, and our own teams with everything we do.

Empowered and motivated people not only change the face of the organization, but also dwell in a happy and productive frame of mind, making this world a better place.

This is our story


Our founders have played senior leadership roles across various industries, managing big teams. They have firsthand experience of struggle and hope that every leader faces, without the right insights at the right time about their own team.

For a very long time, the current HR Tech has focused on processes and Talent Management only, but we have always wanted to move forward from HR Tech to Work Tech. Personifwy, with it’s one integrated SAAS platform, brings a Hyper Personalized Employee Experience that helps businesses drive engagement, across the entire life cycle of Hire-to-Retire.

We are proud to have been recognized as one amongst the “Top 10 most promising SaaS StartUps of 2021 by CIO Review” for the uniqueness of our platform, technology innovation and organizational excellence. This recognizes our ongoing commitment to excellence in global workforce insight and retention.

Our core values

Customer focus

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

Employee centricity

We champion employee experience to ensure we build a workplace for future

Shared ambition

We learn, we grow, and we win together. We are collectively accountable and empowered


We embrace innovation, we believe in transformation, we don’t fear change and we value adaptability.

Meet our team

Debi Kar


UC Berkeley l 16+ years in technology l Part of Deloitte CTO council and lead - talent acquisition l Built data analytics and tech start-ups l Angel investor | Part of NAS Academy

Neha Mathur


UC Berkeley | 17+ years in leading strategy, growth and operation for hospitality majors & tech start-ups | Managed 2000+ blue & white collared teams

Sameer Dharap


SPJIMR l 18+ years in growth and business transformations across 30+ industries l Big4 consulting and deal advisory l Family Business l 10X Angel investor